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 QOM トレーニングジムの説明文として、東京大学スポーツ先端科学研究拠点の公式ホームページには、次の文章が掲載されています。

QOMとは、Quality of Motion の略で、スポーツや日常生活における身のこなしや動作の質を意味します。



Explain of QOM Gym

The University of Tokyo Sports Science Initiative builds the QOM gym in Komaba Campus in Dec. 2016. The QOM Gym will be opened for public use in Feb. 2017.

QOM means ‘ the quality of motion’  which is related to the way of movement in sports and various physical activities in daily living.
In general, aerobic exercise and the training of muscle strength have been recommended to promote physical fitness and health. In the recommendation, work load, quantity of exercise, duration time and frequency are taken into account in the standard program, but a few considerations have been paid to the quality of motion.
In the physical motion of sport, art and other activities, the factors of rationality, flexibility, balance and appearance of beauty are important, in addition to the factors of preventive from injuries, fatigue and unnatural motion. The factors mentioned above are related to the quality of motion (QOM).
   The method of QOM training was developed in the laboratory of The University of Tokyo. The cognitive motor-skill training machines are used in the QOM training to ensure the effects of training.
In the QOM training, it is expected to learn the skill of use the body inner muscles, and improve the flexibility of trunk and many other parts of a body. The improvement of QOM will produce a good performance in various fields of activities.
It is characterized that QOM training is composed of many factors to promote health condition in the natural manner to body, so as many people of various fitness level can enjoy the training on their ability of motion.



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